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Meet Renee

Licensed Professional Counselor

Arizona & Colorado

My History


I grew up spending time playing in both the Sonoran Desert and among Ponderosa Pines. Once I turned 18, I took on the nomad life wanting to explore the world and ended up living in five different states and twelve cities and towns. I have a passion for the outdoors and enjoy trail running, hiking, rock climbing, backpacking and camping. However, I do balance it with my love of fitness and being a gym rat as I love being able to see what my body is capable of doing.

I have learned our minds tend to get in the way of what we can achieve, both mentally and physically. I started trail running while in graduate school as a way to cope with life stressors and thought I couldn’t run further than a 10K. With the right mindset and support system, I went on to complete my first half-marathon in 2014, first marathon in 2015 and an ultra-marathon, 50k, in 2019. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you get your head in the game.


My Work Experience

For my Practicum and first 7 years after receiving my masters degree, I was employed as a Behavioral Health Consultant. During this time, I worked with adults and children from a variety of cultural and financial backgrounds on a wide range of body and mind issues including, but not limited to, stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy. After that, I had the privilege to work with the military service members and their families on a variety of life and work issues. Then in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, I decided to take a brave leap and go into private practice.  

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My Education

I changed my major a few times while working on my undergraduate degree as I learned there were a few subjects which stole my attention. I finally received a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Biology from Northern Arizona University.


After three years of traveling the Northwest, I started working towards a Master’s in Counseling at a University of Phoenix ground campus. I finished my degree in 2008 and started my journey in counseling through Integrative Behavioral Health which brought my love of psychology and biology together. I have a strong passion in the body and mind connection and am intrigued with how strongly they impact each other.

With my love of body and mind connection, I furthered my education by obtaining my certifications as a Personal Trainer and Healthcare Life Coach.

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